Recording of second event (Monday 16th January, 1pm)
Click for first online consultation session
Click for video of drop-in consultation session

All the questions have been timestamped.  If you scroll through and click each question, you will start the recording of the video at the appropriate position. You can turn on the auto-generated captions by hovering over the video and pressing the CC button in the bottom right corner.

Here are the consultation slides used in the presentation: Consultation slides (warning opens a large file PDF)

  1. Start
  2. Introduction of panel members
  3. Architects presentation
  4. Question on proposed uses and occupiers
  5. Question on traffic movements and types
  6. Question on proposals to Tramway Path
  7. Question on noise
  8. Question on lighting
  9. Question on lighting and planning
  10. Question on hours of operation
  11. Question on ownership of the roundabout land
  12. Question on planning submission
  13. Question on impacts of the roundabout
  14. Question on pedestrian access
  15. Question on image used on the website
  16. Question on the planning application
  17. Question on Arneys Lane access
  18. Question on trees
  19. Question on construction period and disruption
  20. Question on noise
  21. Question on lighting and shadowing
  22. Question on transport and connectivity
  23. Question on access to EV charging
  24. Question on height
  25. Question on access to the tramway path
  26. Question on fly tipping
  27. Question on pavement on Goat Road
  28. Question on HGV drivers and overnight stays
  29. Question on pedestrian safety
  30. Question on speed calming measures
  31. Question on impacts on buses
  32. Closing remarks and how to provide feedback
  33. End